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    The Dope Disc, when used alongside a properly prepared dope card, gives shooters a complete firing solution. Check out our Videos and Downloads pages to learn how the Dope Disc can improve your shooting. 

     Each Dope Disc undergoes a permanent alignment procedure during assembly that insures accuracy. The parts are printed on polymer stock that is heat-laminated to encapsulate the printing forever.  This insures the markings can never scratch off.  All parts are waterproof, rustproof, and dissasemble easily for cleaning.  The Dope Disc is MADE IN U.S.A!

     Our HVC model was designed for higher visual contrast.  We adjusted the scales and added the high contrast blue disc for maximum readability.  

    No matter what combination of rifle, cartridge or bullet you use, the Dope Disc will provide an accurate firing soution. The Dope Disc is self calibrating.  It works with any unit of measurement (MOA, Mils, IPHY, etc),  and the solutions are always  in the same units as the user's input data.  It also works with winds measured in MPH or Km/h.  

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help learning to use the Dope Disc.